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Dec 06
$11 Million Awarded After Woman Died From Drinking Kratom

A woman’s family was awarded $11 million from a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that sold her kratom, an herb that produces opioid-like effects.  In June 2021, Krystal Talavera, a 39-year-old mother of four, collapsed in her Florida home when preparing breakfast. Next to the mother was an open package of kratom with a […]

Sep 22
Achieving Excellence: Behavioral Health Accreditation

Step into healthcare, where ensuring quality care isn’t merely a commitment but an absolute necessity. In this ever-evolving landscape, one term that holds significant importance is “behavioral health accreditation.” Accreditation is like a seal of approval, a recognition that healthcare facilities receive after meeting specific standards. Accreditation isn’t just a bureaucratic process. It serves a […]

Sep 22
Increased Overdose Risk for Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare industry, a cornerstone of society, stands as a beacon of care and healing. Yet, within its folds emerges a disconcerting concern: drug overdose among its workforce. This issue casts a shadow over the well-being of individuals dedicated to healing and reverberates through the healthcare system.  Study and Methodology A study featured in the […]

Sep 22
Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Settlement 

At the beginning of August, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked a nationwide settlement, which would have protected the family behind OxyContin from civil lawsuits. The Biden administration requested that this agreement, which was reached last year with state and local government, be delayed. The high courts will now hear arguments before the end of this […]

Sep 22
Granting Hope: Recent Funding for Youth Mental Health

The Biden-Harris administration has shown a solid commitment to tackling the pressing issues of youth mental health and substance use disorders (SUDs). In a significant move, over $88 million in grants have been awarded to amplify and fortify treatment programs in these areas. The focus of these grants revolves around two key aspects: strengthening school-based […]