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May 08
New Jersey Opening

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our Haven Detox facility in Blackwell, New Jersey. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, compassionate, and evidence-based approach that encompasses all aspects of recovery. 

Apr 10
SAMHSA Final Rule Regarding OTPs Expands Access, Increases Flexibility for Patients

SAMHSA's updated regulations for opioid treatment programs revolutionize access to medication, expand telehealth options, and address workforce shortages, promising better outcomes for patients.

Apr 10
Hospitals, tech companies confront AI governance

AI's potential to lower costs and alleviate physician burnout captivates hospitals and policymakers, yet challenges like accuracy and bias persist.

Apr 10
Powerful Psychedelic Gains Renewed Attention as a Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Ibogaine, derived from a shrub in Central Africa, shows promise in combating opioid addiction and crack cocaine dependency, with small studies reporting remarkable efficacy.

Apr 10
Why Most Americans Who Need Substance Use Disorder Treatment Don’t Get It

Efforts to address stigma, expand access to care, and promote community engagement are essential to breaking down barriers and fostering a more equitable and compassionate approach to SUD treatment.

Mar 07
Mental Health Stigma In The Medical Profession

Through the stories of Dr. Lisa Harbury Lerner and Dr. Lorna Breen, we explore the pain mental health stigma causes.

Mar 07
Unprecedented FDA Reversal: The Search Is On For Opioid Replacements

Could FDA restrictions be the latest move in combating the opioid crisis? Discover the future of painkiller medications.

Mar 07
Ad Agency Pays Millions In Settlement for Fueling The Opioid Epidemic

Publicis Health paid a $350 million settlement for helping Purdue Pharma fuel the opioid epidemic with the marketing of OxyContin.

Mar 07
Opioids Top Homeland Security’s Annual Threat List

Haven Health Management explores the threat of opioids at the southern border.

Feb 08
Healthcare Disparities: Striving for Equity

By Chad Sabora Disparities in healthcare access have remained a persistent challenge in the United States. A core value in the quest for social justice, addressing these disparities is not just a goal for policymakers and healthcare professionals, it’s a call to action for all Americans. Equity in healthcare is not a luxury; it’s a […]