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Kirill Vesselov, BA


Kirill Vesselov has been a leader in healthcare management since 2007. As CEO of Haven Health Management, he ensures exceptional outcomes for every patient across several national segments.

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Starting in pharmaceuticals and dialysis, Vesselov established The Haven Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida, with an expert team that has served 11,000 patients since 2015. Staffing over 700 and growing, Haven Health Management has since added five behavioral health and mental health treatment facilities treating over 7,000 patients each year. Under his leadership, these facilities gather national attention and industry recognition, including Newsweek’s “America’s Best Treatment Centers 2021.” 

Across industries and communities, Vesselov enjoys creating growth, managing teams, and inspiring leadership. As a real estate developer and licensed broker, Kirill Vesselov revitalizes communities in South Florida through investment and vision. Spending free time with his two boys, Vesselov continually seeks to develop breakthroughs in healthcare, treatment, and recovery.


Cheyenne Riker, JD

Corporate Counsel

Cheyenne Riker is Corporate Counsel at Haven Health Management. He advises on lawful compliance with local, state, and federal regulations to protect patients.

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Helping to acquire businesses, leases, and real estate as our contract negotiator and acquisition specialist, he also advises on liability prevention and organizational matters. Cheyenne earned his Juris Doctorate from Indiana University, Maurer School of Law. Licensed to practice in Florida and Indiana, his litigation practices earned “Super Lawyers Rising Star” repute from 2018 to 2022. Each year since 2018, he is named one of “America’s Top 100 Civil Defense Litigators for Indiana.”

Kirill Vesselov

Dr. Rostislav Ignatov, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rostislav Ignatov is Chief Medical Officer at Haven Health Management. Board-certified in General Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and by American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) in Addiction Medicine.

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Dr. Ignatov advanced adeptly through psychiatric residencies treating children, adolescents, and adults at the University of Florida School of Medicine and New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Known for passion and precision, he uses sophisticated, direct approaches to ease addiction through medication and multiculturalism. In his care, patients discover recovery through behavioral balance, emotional stability, and life satisfaction.

Kirill Vesselov

Lucy Weiss, MA, CHRM

Senior VP

Lucy Weiss is Senior Vice President of Haven Health Management. Experienced in facility compliance, licensing, accreditation, operational management, strategic planning, and implementation.

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Lucy leads with a focus on ethics and rights, believing that making patients the priority creates organizational growth. In several leadership and strategic positions, Lucy has worked in substance abuse treatment for nearly two decades.


Binny Montenegro

Chief Operating Officer

Binny Montenegro is Chief Operating Officer at Haven Health Management. Beginning his behavioral health career in 2007, Binny is a forward-thinking, proactive operations executive.

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Instrumental in scaling operations and expanding treatment services around the country, Binny now oversees operations at all Haven Health Management’s facilities, ensuring our professionals and processes remain effective for patient recovery and business outcomes. Cultivating a culture of inclusion and excellence, he leads over 400 professionals while managing budgets, logistics, performance, and care standards. 

Kirill Vesselov

Dr. Sal Raichbach, LCSW, PhD

Chief Clincal Officer​

Dr. Sal Raichbach is Chief Clinical Officer at Haven Health Management. Clinically and administratively, Sal has worked in behavioral health since the early 1990s.

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He holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Certified in forensic social work, he is licensed in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Sal has been featured in over 140 news outlets like The Washington Post, Fox News, Healthline, Huffington Post, CNET, Knoxville News Sentinel, Bustle, and Teen Vogue. As an expert guest, he has also appeared on ABC News, WPBF Channel 25, and WPEC CBS 12.

Kirill Vesselov

Mike Hulick

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Hulick is Chief Marketing Officer at Haven Health Management where he applies expertise in sales, consulting, and development to power high-impact marketing campaigns.

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Combining new perspectives and strategic analysis to create material impacts on patient recovery and business growth, Hulick brings the organization invested leadership, new revenue, and news-worthy industry recognitions. Throughout his work, he creates transformation by inspiring substantial change for all people touched by our integrated, managed healthcare model. Partnering with corporate and treatment leadership on major business initiatives and strategies, Hulick shapes multi-faceted, modern campaigns to further funding, relationships, and growth across territories and service populations.

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Nabil George, LMHC

Chief Compliance Officer

Nabil George is Chief Compliance Officer at Haven Health Management. While ensuring operations and procedures comply with management aims, he helps achieve outstanding compliance with legal, ethical, and organizational standards.

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As an experienced administrator in mental health and substance abuse treatment, he believes in partnering with clients to invest in strengths, sort out challenges, and achieve life goals. Centering on people and protecting community excellence, he understands how to inspire through relationships and advocacy. Fluent in English, Arabic, French, and German, Nabil wields sophisticated multicultural competency in every critical function enhancing accessible treatment.

Kirill Vesselov

Peter Lai

Director of Finance

Peter Lai is Director of Finance at Haven Health Management. He oversees all aspects of the company’s financial functions through accounting, planning, treasury, compliance, and relations.

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Leading corporate strategy through close partnership with our CEO, Peter influences growth and develops strategies to excite stakeholders. In his career, Peter has served several giants like Lenovo and ADT Security Systems where he built high-performing, global teams to push operational initiatives. Peter received his Master’s of Business Administration in Accounting from Nova Southeastern University.

Kirill Vesselov

Tara Gurney

Director of Billing

Tara Gurney is Director of Billing and Operations at Haven Health Management. She has worked in billing cycle and revenue management since 2003.

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Tara earned her Bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania after which she ran a billing consulting company. As part of Haven Health Management and the United Billing Solutions, Tara works tirelessly to provide the highest caliber service possible. Her drive for excellence and host of talents yield impressive revenue growth each year.

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Vanessa Rossill

Hospitality Manager

Vanessa Rossill is a service focused hospitality leader with over 23 years of industry knowledge, encompassing luxury resorts to corporate franchise environments, and most recently, healthcare. 

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She is experienced in diverse areas of management including strategic planning, vendor relations, P&L, talent acquisition, food and beverage services, regulatory compliance, large scale event planning, marketing, and training and development. At Haven Health, her focus is in elevating the client experience through expanding amenities, product quality selection, aesthetics, and team service development.  She is committed to the high level and holistic care we provide and takes great pride in how the work at Haven Health Management directly and positively impacts our communities. Rossill grew up in the Northeast and relocated to Florida in 2013.  She enjoys travel and the cultural arts.

Kirill Vesselov

John Stabeno

Director of Organizational Development

John Stabeno is Director of Organizational Development at Haven Health Management. Working with troubled, addicted youth since 1986 and ordained in 2000, he has continually brought solace to those struggling with substance use and grief through his direct care and foundation’s efforts.

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With Haven Health Management, John initiates programs, directs sober living for men, and drives awareness nationwide. Alongside a Master’s in Healthcare Education from St. Joseph’s University and a Master of Divinity degree from The Catholic University of America, John also holds a Master’s in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.


Chad Sabora

VP of Government and Public Relations

Chad Sabora is Vice President of Government and Public Relations at Haven Health Management. Adding to personal experience with addiction, he has an education in psychology and holds a law degree.

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Formerly a Chicago prosecutor, Chad has truly devoted himself to helping all struggling with substance use disorder and their families. He addresses change at the policy level in pushing for evidence-based legislation. Chad is nationally recognized as an advocate for legislation reform and expert in harm reduction and drug policy for national recovery from the overdose crisis.

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Stacy Riordan, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

Stacy Riordan is Chief Nursing Officer at Haven Health Management. For over 14 years, Stacy has worked with patients seeking relief from severe psychiatric conditions.

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Crucial to our medical leadership, her specialization in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders assists the driving philosophy of nuanced, individual treatment for complete patient recovery, body and mind. Throughout her work, Stacy fosters excellence among the nursing team to achieve greater patient outcomes with more effective practices. JetBlue honored her tireless individual and team management efforts by naming Stacy as their “Healthcare Hero” in 2020.

Kirill Vesselov

Michael Leggiero

Regional VP of Development, Northeast

Michael Leggiero is Vice President of Business Development at The Haven Detox-New England.

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In his role, Michael genuinely enjoys making an impact on people’s lives by being an agent of change. He helps steer the direction of our organization’s development in Massachusetts and its influence beyond from a unique perspective, having been involved in grassroots recovery for many years. In recovery himself for over 12 years, Michael is dedicated to helping those in active addiction find hope and begin healing. With his strategic vision and skill, The Haven Detox constantly expands its ability to help people in need of treatment find accessible yet exceptional care.  

Kirill Vesselov

Nick Gore

Regional VP of Business Development

Nick Gore is Regional Vice President of Business Development for Haven Health Management. 

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Working in the treatment industry since 2017, he is passionate about developing relationships on an individual and group level, to ensure quality treatment is available to all. He proves his sufficiency with his own substance abuse battle, and aims to not only build quality business relationships, but also advocate for substance abuse and mental health through public speaking. Nick currently resides in the northwest suburbs of Illinois, with his wife and two children. Together with his family, he hopes to continue to change the view on substance abuse and mental health, and create a long lasting impact for recovery.


Ralph Johnson

National Director Of Marketing

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Max Elhamad

Regional Operations Director

MS in Addictions/Mental Health


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