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How Managed Providers Create Total Wellness

Integrated approaches to healthcare understand patients better. Under the model, psychiatrists, clinicians, nurses, and their support develop courses of care reflecting the complexity of illness. Considering biological, psychological, spiritual, and social needs, these teams coordinate and uplift every part of a patient’s life. 

Haven Health Management anticipates (and hopes for) a future when all—patients and providers—benefit from cohesive, comprehensive, and compassionate care. 

To advance wellness. we must bring every treatment mode to center on connected needs

In our country, providers remain mostly unintegrated. Patients find themselves responsible for pairing physical care with independent therapists and psychiatrists. They improvise their own “treatment path” without evidence-based insight or an alternative. As a result, recovery rates suffer.

Providers themselves feel limited by narrow services, burdensome staffing, unpredictable billing, increasing costs, and their operative model overall. They know they can heal more people. They know they can make a difference. But, they see patient outcomes rise and fall as symptoms progress in one area only to draw back in another “beyond their scope.”

Imbalance demands integration, and integration means progress.

Healthcare management offers patients and providers a productive way to partner. With expert leadership, ample resources, and operative support—practices and their populations access systems and expand services needed to progress, grow, and recover. They join a national recovery solution.  

To reinvigorate their practice, providers can widen range and deepen impact with managed services. Haven Health Management model the integrated, direct care in our national centers, but we also transform partnered providers with solutions to recover service standards and fiscal wellness.