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Indiana Center For Recovery Education Institute

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Indiana Center For Recovery Education Institute

Education Institute

Professional Credit

Treatment for PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Eating, and Mood Disorders Serving Veterans, Military, First Responders, and Families Therapeutic Modes in Medication, Therapy, and Alternatives Assessing and Treating Suicidality and Other Risk Factors

Community Awareness

Addiction Topics, Recovery Trends, and Treatment Outcomes Stigma Awareness and Exposure to Promote Mental Health Stress Reduction, Self-care, and Substance Use Prevention Peer Recovery, Advocacy, and Mutual Aid Groups

Healthcare professionals push the limits of their knowledge to deliver quality treatment and ensure patient outcomes. Supporting them and their communities, we offer continuing education opportunities through Indiana Center for Recovery’s Education Institute (ICFREI).

Our expert doctors, clinicians, and instructors design credit-giving programs on exciting developments in mental health and substance use.

Introducing ICFREI​

Approved by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA), Indiana Center for Recovery Education Institute supports social workers, trained therapists, addiction counselors, and the public.

Encouraging recovery through scientific practices and specialized knowledge, ICFREI engages future advocates of recovery through events, workshops, presentations, and an annual symposium. We explore current issues and trends in substance use and mental health under the leadership of Jackie Daniels

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Jackie Daniels​

After 17 years of clinical practice, Jackie has fought to reduce shame, increase standards, and boost outcomes for patients across the country. Her passion began in community mental health centers before she started Indiana’s first collegiate recovery program. Throughout her career, Jackie has partnered with programs like SAMHSA to prevent suicide, relieve addiction, and expand awareness.

As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and certified alcohol and drug addiction consultant (CADAC V), she has devoted countless hours to deeply understand and directly heal her community. With compassion and insight, Jackie Daniels is Vice President of Community Relations at Indiana Center for Recovery where she pushes for better access, standards, and treatment for all.


Recovery Resources with Regorous Standards

All guest speakers, formal presenters, and specialist educators hold licensure and qualification in their subject matter. The annual symposium features leaders and experts making substance use and mental health treatment more accessible, effective, and compassionate

All ICFREI events are free to professionals and the public. Giving CEU for nurses, counselors, and social workers specializing in addiction and mental health—all ICFREI events remain available to anyone invested in community recovery..

Flexible Education for Today’s World

Most ICFREI events (and all credit-giving sessions) are held at Bloomington Gourmet Catering at 5660 West SR 46, Bloomington, Indiana 47404. Many events become available online for your safety and convenience.

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Through ICFREI, you can renew your license and recertify with educational events that earn credit, educate the public, and push practices forward. Support recovery with new behavioral health breakthroughs.